Summer Sewing-

Thu, Jun 11 2015 05:33
Here is the back view of my new shrug in my wardrobe!

This summer shrug began with the
FaultLines Pattern and a collection of favorite black and whites. Here are some design details you may want to experiment with as you bring your collection together. To see the beginning of this garment, scroll down to the blog before this one .

For openers, here are the Design Criteria for this piece-
1. light-weight (no lining)
2. Accentuate the edges
3. Leave some holes in the piecing
4. Have some wearing options with the front edge.

Construction- There are many ways the proportions and amounts of fabrics in a collection can be combined to create fabric or a collaged garment. Seams can create strong lines...darks or lights can be more of a focus too. Celebrate your design eye as you explore your sense of balance and proportion in the fabric combinations you bring together. Knowing this would be a small garment (and not a giant coat!), I felt compelled to create a bolder combination of lights, darks and patterns.
The smaller scale printed type fabric for  the front facings in contrast to the scale of pattern on the other fabrics: reads like a texture-

Piecing- Each pattern piece started with a collection of the fabrics. I start by sewing some pieces together. In this case, playing with the idea of a strip of the printed text fabric down the center of the sleeve and a shaped piece at the wrist end. In placing these first pieces, note the grainline on the pattern piece. The triangular shaped holes are part of the finished design. Working back and forth with piecing and checking in with the pattern piece is my process. Next, press them and place the pattern piece on to finish cutting it out before garment. --------------------------------------------------------------

A finished sleeve 

To finish the edges, a facing can be added to each edge- or for a more shaped edge, each piece can be finished as you sew.

Wearing options: Just like scarves, we can all experiment with different ways to wear and accessorize our look. Once this shrug is on...I enjoyed folding the front edge in different ways...and love the way it looks folded back on the left,  in a more sculptural way. There are lots of sold and stripped summer dresses and tops to wear this over in my closet!

                        •  •  •

   Closures will be my favorite pin collection-this gives a lot of options when putting together outfits.

 Can the fulfillment of the day be as simple as a needle passing through fabric? Diane

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