Heart Felt Coats to brighten Winter-

Fri, Jan 2 2015 06:54

A Heart-Felt Coat Gallery-
I am inspired and want to share some of the Heart-Felt Coats I have seen in the past month.
Each designer has taken their interpretation of my Heart-Felt Coat Pattern in very different directions, which gives us all some fun directions, materials and combinations to explore in our own sewing.
Bleached canvas! Judy Butler is constantly exploring a variety of fabric techniques.
She started with denim, then distressed it with bleach. The raw edges are accentuated by washing after the garment was sewn. Don't be afraid of the raw edges...they can be trimmed and brushed to keep looking good. This garment is a great lighter weight layer and will carry her into the warmer weather too.

slashed sleeve detail
Sewing a coat with this double-layered Polar Fleece offered Judy alot of design options. The orange popping through, lots of topstitching and slashing then folding fabric out. The fabric inside out gives this coat an amazing texture...not to mention warm!

nice pocket stitching
Sylvie Baroux worked with a double-sided wool and created some beautiful details. Using her fabric on the bias, created a more fitted coat.
Her combination of stenciled images in silver fabric paint, elastic loops and some vintage buttons makes this a memorable coat to wear for years to come.
Using the fabric on the bias created a slim fitting coat-
Love this cuff Sylvie!
Sylvie made a separate lined cuff piece. She added the cuff inside the sleeve end and tied it in with trim, printing, a contrasting lining fabric and vintage button.
Nice woven details on the diagonal give this vest flattering strong lines-

Tanya Bemis worked wool and leather into a very appealing vest version. The zipper is a perfect closure touch...and ties into the button collection and stitching. Smaller collar and pockets work with the scale of the vest. Great combo!

Judy Butler made this wool collage coat from a combination of washed pieces.

Judy created a sweet accent frog from a knitted tube- 
 Nice color blocking, accented with some hand stitching and a knitted frog closure.

Thank you for sharing your very creative Heart-Felt Coats with all of us!
Enjoy your winter sewing, Diane


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