Piecing my Pants-

Sun, Apr 28 2013 09:06

It is daily. Daily that my mind wanders back to what else I could add...how I can keep working the edges and the bits of fabrics and thread into one more crease of my old, weary pair of khakis.
Then the logical voice comes in: ‘why are you spending time on these old pants again?...you could be _______. You SHOULD be___________.’ So many other ways to use my time. How much is there?
It is all becoming precious: Who I spend my time with and what projects I choose to hold close to my heart. As I think about this, I continue to work that worn spot. Sometimes I can see the new direction in my work jump into view as I juxtapose something unexpected...I need the unexpected. It translates to fresh, maybe a new direction will come from these old pants. I have so many choices....why this? It IS my meditation...almost an honoring of sorts. While I work this worn piece, the women in my family come to mind: all working with their hands, doing what they learned to do.
It is a small design story....that is just as big as others that get more attention. It is the connection to the heart. It is the thread we yearn for and don’t always know is missing until we stop and sit with it for a while. Sometimes this kind of handstitching feels like the best way to bring my life along....and sometimes it is the only way to bring my life along. 

Why do I do this? 
Because I need to..... and I will work on it again tomorrow.  Diane

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