My Flight Shirt-

Tue, Jun 4 2013 09:30
Meet my Birthday shirt for 2013. FLIGHT has continued to be the perfect theme for my year and I continue to work the metaphor. Creating this shirt challenged my design and construction thinking
in new ways.  It is constructed from several mens shirts using Lynn Mizono's Vogue Pattern #1274  as the base. I printed my pieced garment with the Paper Airplane Stencil...and stitched the flight trails with the same beautiful, burnt persimmon color you see in the buttons. I folded godets from striped fabric.... repeating the paper airplane theme. I folded a bias piece and steamed it into a collar shape then added some hand-stitching. The inset pocket is a variety of white and off-white striped and textured fabrics folded into more airplanes and stitched together to poke out of the pocket. I loved the feel of folding airplanes from paper....moved that experience into fabric and continued to come back to it every day as my starting point. I folded random pleats, pressing them into white linen to find they became shaped facing for the cuffs. I (and friends) continued to fold more paper airplanes, some with notes and poems, that continue to fly across my studio wall. Sometimes sewing is just sewing...and sometimes it transcends into a deeper, more spiritual place. Making this shirt was just that for me. As I worked, it took hold of my attention in a more spacious, quieter way...leading into a place in myself I had longer for. It leaves me knowing I want more of this kind of hands-on process in the days ahead. A lifetime of making brings me to this point...and I am forever grateful. Diane
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