Design Outside the Lines Retreats - 2017                                                           

Ignite your imagination. Get away from it all in the company of kindred spirits. Grow your work at Design Outside the Lines, a sewing and fiber experience presented by Diane Ericson. These 4 & 5-day hands-on workshops, with Diane and  guest instructors, are a journey in discovery and creating. Through formal and informal classes and time to 'play' in the studio, you'll expand your perspectives on design, sewing, surface design, jewelry, accessories and techniques with an overall theme of expanding your personal creative process.

" It was such a pleasure to work with you again. The last workshop pushed me in directions I had no idea I could go, and I’m eager for more." Marcie   2017 Participant           

•   Taos, New Mexico- Sept.24-29, 2017

•   Taos, New Mexico- June 25-30, 2017

•   Santa Barbara, CA -  Feb. 5-10, 2017 

•   Ashland, Oregon-  april 9-14, 2017 

•   Ashland, Oregon-  Oct. 30-Nov.4, 2017 

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