In the Studio this Week: Shrugs

Thu, May 21 2015 07:40

On the way to summer, anticipating the light, airy tops and dresses in my wardrobe: I am thinking light layers and sleeves. It is time to make some shrugs!
Topstitching and collage with sheer organza-
Remaking lightweight shirts: sheers and cottons, plus some of my favorite patterns in short versions.
Opening up the original seams gave me design lines-
General Design Suggestions: 1. Cut the hems in different shapes and at different angles.
2. Open Side seams up 3-4" and finish for slits.
3. Change the buttons 4. Shorten sleeves to a 3/4 length with a slit to allow for foldback.

What are your favorite patterns for a light summer jacket? 
Patterns for Shrugs:
I used The Torri  for this green linen remake. The Torri pattern has a short, flared silhouette, with a a stand collar or collarless. This garment is a combination of raw edges, creme color handstitching and silk organza windows in the piecing.
 Design Suggestion: If you are re-fashioning a piece, instead of carefully cutting out the garment.... the pattern can be used as a reference and as a silhouette guide for truing up pieces as you combine fabrics and ideas.
SkyeLines as a Shrug- 

SkyeLines is a design shaped and fitted with princess seams. This creates lots of options for tucking in and flaring the garment silhouette. My variation was shortened and color blocked with linens and discharged, jacquard woven cotton piece for the sleeves. (Handstitching too).

Design Change: Multi-layer raw-edge collarA bias collar was added in several layers including a bias cut hair canvas (interfacing) used as one of the fabrics. Some of the piecing mimics the shape of the collage pin: made with a collection of found metal & silk tapestry fabric.

The FaultLines, has the perfect lines for a collage jacket combining the text pieces & linen above. A black & white printed towel caught my eye and will be the start of the garment.

Where will your piece start? ......Ask: What will give you the most creative experience?

This has been a busy week, my sister, Kris, came for a visit! We did some printing in the studio and she brought 3 of her handmade arty, birdhouses, available for sale in my studio. She is an inspiration!
                                                                           It is going to be a great summer in the studio! Diane

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