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Okay, so lets admit it: a dot here and there makes EVERYTHING (every piece of fabric) better. Lets roll with that and just go for more.
Re-designed Camp Shirt
THE SHIRT-This was a ‘camp’ shirt (definition: short sleeve, collar, 1 pocket and button up the front).
Here is what I did:
  1. Redesigned the shirt into an asymmetrical, flared pullover (the collar became the godets in the side seams (that is another story.... I am staying with DOTS right now).
  2. The lilac dots were printed with the jumbo size Tee Juice Pens by Jacquard. This is VERY fun...and I think everyone should have at least 1 poka-dot shirt! It is a great kid project too. Just think about all of the sad, plain, canvas items in the world: grocery bags, tennis shoes, pillow cases aprons etc. etc.... all would be better with lots of dots!
  3. Remember to place a folded towel or other absorbent layer inside the body and sleeves of the garment as you print. Don’t use plastic needs to be something that will absorb the extra ink as you print. Put on your favorite music and ‘dot’ away!!!
  4. Let your dots dry then iron. The pens are permanent with heat setting. If you have printed shoes, you can run them in a hot dryer with some towels. 

FaultLines Pattern #118

BIAS WRAP TOP: FaultLines #118-I love the shape of the undershirt in my Faultlines Pattern. It is easy to construct and with the four panels on the bias, it has a nice fit. The sleeves from the jacket also fit the undershirt, so there are lots of options. I trimmed the edges with bias: printed with my Borders Stencil.  I used the grey Tee Juice Pens and like how subtle the small dots work with the larger dots in the design. 

Front view: Linen Sweater

LINEN SWEATERI don’t know about you,
but I have several of these in my summer clothing
stash. They seem like the perfect thing to buy, but
when it comes to wearing them-I don’t.
I love linen...and the idea of wearing a lightweight, 
linen sweater makes me happy.  As you can see, 
I am MUCH happier now. 
With some design changes inspired by the 
big dots, this garment is now a favorite in 
my summer wardrobe!
Here’s what I did to update my sweater: 
Cut different size circles out of file folders (wha-la= a stencil)
1. Print through my impromptu stencils with a sponge and Jacquard's Lumiere Fabric Paint. The color I used here is Pewter, one of my favorite metallics. Printing this woven texture fabric takes a heavier application of paint than I usually suggest...but since it is just in spots (of dots), the garment will wear nicely.
Back view: Sweater with scarf
2. Once the paint was dry, I played with how the edges could be more interesting. After making several passes at binding ideas...I let it sit for a few weeks. Yup heard me right: A good long while: hanging so I could see it daily...waiting for a shift in my mental idea file. I worked on several other things when something translated back to my linen sweater. Idea Flash! I love how this works don’t you?!!
3. The final edge is more playful and unexpected with a raw edge, double layer of silk dupioni that I pressed in curved shapes and serged on. I added the same bias raw edge to complete the big dot below the hemline. I love the line the edge creates! It's going to be fun to wear with my purchased dot scarf. I always see design as a puzzle....waiting for me to discover, create and fit my piece in.
I know that is what draws me to play with a variety of materials.
I enjoy exploring the world of design with my creativity at the helm!
Well, I 'm not through sharing my passion for dots ....accessories are next!
       SO many dots...good thing the summer is long! Diane

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