Thu, Jan 1 2015 03:23

I N S P I R A T I O N....Inspire = to breath in. This is the perfect day to take it in the new! This is a day to set the tone for the coming weeks. Here are 3 inspirations that caught my eye today. Creating display is a starting point of creative play. The process of arranging offers various ways to view objects and take in the details for my drawing session. I want to encourage YOU to draw this year.
• INSPIRATION #1:  This playful cup never made it to the kitchen...but is a fit in the studio.
Once invited onto the drawing page...it took on a dance of its own and is now suggesting a fabric interpretation. Looking at a drawing is sometimes an opportunity to 'see' thinking unfold.
• INSPIRATION #2: Related objects feel like a story. These are very appealing to my eye.....and may become parts of a garment. No need to rush, they are becoming just hanging out together!

• INSPIRATION #3: There always seems to be a pile forming on the table (...even when I am not there!). Like food, this one has some nice, complimentary 'flavors' to explore.

Drawing IS a deeper look, a chance to form what one sees. Just start. Paper and pencil is all it takes. You might like a soft pencil that will draw dark when you push and smudge nicely too. I like the variety of ink pens, colored pencils and chalk together. I use my stencils when I draw, rubbing through them with the graphite on my fingers. Pulling my paper out of the spiral tablet  became a stencil in this drawing. The computer becomes a creative tool: The view widens as various images get cropped.

I'm heading towards fabric now, and looking forward to what unfolds!
I hope you are enjoying your unfolding today, Diane

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