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Thu, Jan 29 2015 11:11
Start a Bag Collection with Bundles-
When opening email the other day, I clicked right on the link to Leslie Gelber's Blog: ....I knew it would be juicey!

 A close-up of Leslie's Fabric-
 Scroll down to Jan 22nd to read her bag blog and get the whole story about her designs and the fabric she created.
Leslie's Pacific Purse Bags-

As an artist, Leslie's design eye combined with her stitching and collaging is dynamic. It creates a signature look in her work. She created that rich, discharged canvas using my Raven Stencil and Cicada Stencil designs.
She has a way about her that girl...just listening to her voice and working those threads!

Starting with great fabrics, her collection of bags was created, using my Pacific Purse Pattern. The inspiration has me digging for the special bits and pieces saved for small treasure projects. So lets make some bags!
My collection of Pacific Purse Bags-

A way to begin: Create bundles of textured fabric combinations with trims and other bits: each bundle can be a bag. The bundles do look inviting all standing in a basket too.
Here are some of my Pacific Purse bags: kimono fabric, stenciled, stitched and collaged.
Another way to start: Piece fabrics until there is enough to cut out the bag pattern pieces: that leaves an element of surprise in the process.
A Spring Bag?

Consider working on a collection of bags at one time: These 4 pieces became bags after stenciling, stitching and combining with trims and various handles. It is a good way to spread out the ideas ...since we often have more ideas than we need for a single project at one time.
Asian theme with scrunched 'bamboo' handle
Black & White theme: Artist?
Start with a favorite theme: The fabric for this linen bag was printed with the Brush Alphabet Stencil as a background...then the Bamboo Forest Stencil in black on top. The coins, a red accent  and the covered cording, scrunched to look like bamboo, finish the Japanese theme.

Thanks for the Inspiration Leslie! We are looking forward to seeing your inspirations too. Relishing studio time, Diane
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