Holiday Traditions

Thu, Dec 25 2014 08:07
In our family, most holiday traditions involve Swedish food. So this morning, true to our heritage, my daughter, Piper, and I brought out Mormor's (grandmother) tattered cookbook, and whipped up a batch of Wienerbröd! The smell of the yeasted dough and freshly ground cardamon brings back such great memories...mostly of eating these tasty pastries as a child. At 20 or so, determined to reproduce these knotted, golden yeasted delights...I stood for an afternoon next to my Mormor and documented the process. Last night, Piper and I made the dough...rolled it out, spread 2 cubes of butter over it then folded it up anticipating our morning baking session.
Piper perfecting the knotting technique-

Hot out of the oven!
This morning there was coffee, music, stories and laughing. Before we knew it, the first pans of Wienerbröd were in the oven! What a treat, once a year is about right for me. Piper votes for the custard ones with apricot in the center. It was the perfect holiday. We made some deliveries and shared them around the neighborhood .....remembering what the holidays are really about. Wish you were here to share one!

I hope you are enjoying cherished family traditions and creating new ones this holiday season.
I wish you a New Year filled with creativity and inspiration! Diane
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