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Folding & Drawing to design the Paper Airplane Stencil
 After folding the ones I could remember, I turned to the craft section of our small town library, for paper airplane shapes I hadn’t thought of. Then, as with any serious project...I consulted with a specialist: an 8 yr. old. Fast forward to today: The new stencil is ready! 
  As summer comes on, Paper Airplane images are finding their way into some quick and easy  
I loved printing these tee shirts! There are so many ways to change the design and colors. Print a T for your favorite guy.
Tips for Printing Success-
1.You will want to place a piece of cardboard or an old towel inside the shirt- smoothing it out so you are ready to print. After printing the grey and white shirts 
2. Working with a sponge, dab small amounts of paint through the stencil. You'll love how easily a knit tee shirt takes the paint.
3. Blot any extra paint with a paper towel to keep the printing clean as you work.
4. Let each side dry before turning the shirt over. Slip a small towel or piece of cardboard into the sleeve too.
After the printing drys, consider adding some drawing and or stitching...maybe the planes will inspire your drawing. 
On the Grey Shirt: I used Black & Ochre Jacquard paints
drawing the movement lines with a curve

On the White Shirt: After printing with Black Jacquard Fabric paint, I drew with a grey medium tip Tee Juice pen and drew the stitching lines with a fine orange Tee Juice pen. Love the look!
Who doesn't need a cool Airplane Tie?!?!?!?!
Here are 3 ways I played with the idea...The one with the clouds is my favorite. This is a great recycle many much time!!!!
Ties updated with Airplane Stencil

Printing Clouds:
Cut 2 cloud edges from a stiff paper
(file folders work well for this).
Lay the cut edge on the tie and lightly rub a little paint off the edge and onto the tie until you get a nice cloud look. The planes were printed with the Indigo color.

This dark blue tie is printed with the same airplane image that was cleaned then flipped over to print the mirror image. Metallic Olive Fabric Paint was used with some metallic white on top.
Canvas Shopping Bag-
This blank canvas bag is definitely more fun with afew airplanes. Remember printing parts of planes will create new designs...
on the bag, printing the tip of one of the airplanes in bright orange creates a smaller shape.

Remember to print a gift card with your favorite stencils!
I see the paper airplane as a metaphor: the lightness of folding a written piece of my life and sending it out into a summer breeze is playful and perfect!
What do you see? Print it and share it!! I'll be sharing some of my garments and sewing details inspired by the paper airplanes in my next blogs. Enjoying the day, Diane
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